When was the last time?

When was the last time you enjoyed a coffee? For me it was yesterday. But I know a lot of friends and people still drink the other guys coffee and think it is good. A little but of info for you is that we sell our coffee which we have roasted, brewed and we drink ourselves. We will not put it on or sell it if we don’t like it. So what else? we buy from importers that purchase from small farmer holders and single farmers that support there community and families. Not the places that grow coffee without the earth in mind. A lot of times the farmers do not use pesticides because they can not afford them which is great for us. But the large growers use everything they can to try to make more coffee because they sell it so low cost. Will you pay more from us? Yes you will. That’s because our money goes to groups of people that are growing as small as an acre of coffee not 1000’s or acres. So next time you drink your coffee think about where it came from and where your money will go. Give us a try and enjoy your fresh cup of coffee, I will!


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