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When you are enjoying a delicious breakfast sandwich, do you stop and think about the quality of what you’re eating? Below are a few pictures. While traveling, Andy stopped for a breakfast bagel. The two pictures you see first are from the stop. What do you notice? What do you not like? Does it truly look appetizing? Now, look at the third picture. That is a Profile Coffee and Roasters’ New York Water Bagel Breakfast Sandwich. Do you see the difference?

We take pride in the food and drinks we serve. We value quality in every order. It may take the extra few minutes to get your food, but isn’t it worth the wait to have a better sandwich? I mean, who wants two small pieces of bacon that doesn’t even cover the sandwich. Our bacon is in our eggs and goes throughout the sandwich to allow the deliciousness through every bite. It’s the right choice! 


In a hurry, but want the quality you deserve?! Order online and have your order ready to be picked up when you get there! Our online store is OPEN and ready for use! Order and pay right online and be alerted via text when your order is fulfilled, usually within 15 minutes! Link is listed below!

EVEN MORE EXCITEMENT!!! Our DRIVE THRU is coming soon! We are working on finishing up the lift and are expecting to have it up and running within the next two weeks! We ask for everyone’s patience as we work through this and make it easy for our baristas and customers! We do ask that you use our online ordering system to order and pay to make it faster and more efficient! Thank you to everyone in advance and we appreciate your patience and loyalty!


Online Store Link : https://profile-coffee-and-roasters.square.site/



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