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Out with the Old in with the New

The Toasty Brunch Is going to be changing  a new way. We are bringing out a new food list of toasty for our August 26, 2018 brunch. Two new toasts will be a Peach Toast (Cottage Cheese spread with Fresh Mint, Fresh Peaches and drizzled Honey placed on Farmers White Bread) and the other will be a Caprese (Balsamic Tomatoes with Fresh Basil topped with Mozzarella Cheese on a Baguette)

On the Drink Side we will be serving up some new one too, like a Peach Bellini, made from fresh local peaches from Rohrbach’s Farm.

Fresh Peach Bellini made from Rohrbach’s Local Peaches

Earl Grey Old Fashion

Upcoming Events: Friday Dessert Night with Executive Chef Bill

Some samples of other dessert options we have done!

Date to be announced soon!!

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