Temp close but we will return, stronger

Attention: Effective today we will be closing for the next few weeks until this pandemic is over. I had thought we could weather the storm with a few hours a day and servicing our loyal customers but the time as come like many others in the area to close the doors for a while. While we want the safety of our baristas and customers to be first, I must also look to the future and vaiablitiy of the coffee shop continuing in the area I grew up in. I love the town and if I wish to have a future I must make hard decisions to the finincal aspect of business. This time off will be spend thinking about how town has been good to us at Profile Coffee and Roasters. I am planning on reopening and continue with a new plans and some new ideas that I think will make everyone happier. I will post more about these plans as I work on them and hopefully they will be embraced.

Please stay safe,

Andy, Michelle and Parker


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