Cherokee Blind Whiskey Tasting



Blind Whiskey Tasting  ( two flights of six )

Only clues for the event are straight bourbon and rye ?? 

December 21 2019 @ 6 pm till ?? 


Profile Coffee and Roasters

185 S Market Street

Elysburg PA 17824



  1. we will all arrive for a night of fun bourbon Tasting and discussions
  2. first flight of six will be started along with pencils so each person can document what they taste, smell and eye in each glass
  3. score sheets will be given out to each person
  4. tasting mats will be used
  5. water droppers if needed
  6. water will be used for cleansing palates
  7. proofs , names and other traits will not be given during the event.
  8. after the event and all sheets collected we will discuss each one over a prepared catered meal.

Catered meal will include sure southern foods as pulled pork tacos, (build your own) mushroom appetizers, pretzels along with others items to be decided

Upon eating we will start flight number tow with the same steps

Before the night ends we will all gather the sheets to announce the prize winners for closest to  highest price to lowest price range, second prize to the one who rates them highest score to lowest score (rating ) based off and third prize will be a overall combined form both range and ratings.




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