Our New Tanzania Coffee!

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Did you know we have a new coffee? It’s our Tanzania Coffee from the Shimilangwada region.

Read more about it on our shop area of this site! **Posted below as well**


Made in-house as a Pour-Over, you are able to taste these delicious flavors and smell the amazing aroma from it. Grab a cup, or grab a bag of beans!

Shimilangwada is known as the second oldest farm in the Vwawa area and traces back to 1989 when it was first known as “Camaro Farm” and managed by a German women who owned approximately 67 acres of coffee on a large forest reserve. In 2017 the farm was sold to a Tanzanian entrepreneur whose focus was to revitalize the aging plants and replanting many trees which encompasses about 130 acres of land currently. The name Shimiligwanda is used to represent the local chief of the Nyiha people of the area.


Roast level: Medium

Acidity: High

Body: Above Average

Sweetness: High (front side)

Flavor Notes: Orange, Raspberry and Citrus Sourness

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