Next Week.

Coffee Fest 2020 @ New York is right around the corner and we will be attending again this year. We are looking for some great new items to bring home and excited to see what this year holds for us and you our Friends. New Coffees will be at the top of the list as we have been selling more than anticipated. Our Guatemala and Mexico Coffees are great hits with everyone. If you have not tried them, you should consider it. Between the creaminess of them and the flavors, I think our roasts are representing us as a brand very well. Our specialty roasts are what I like to call Artisan Roasts since each one is done in lower quantities than our fellow roasters. We only roast at the 5 pound level, which gives us more consistent and fresher roasts than most. Since we roast weekly, our coffees are never more than 2 weeks old. Again this is a branding that we like to have associated with our name.
We also completely redesigned our labels to highlight our belief that the coffee plant is where it all starts and the coffee bean is where it ends. Over time we will be starting to work more directly with our suppliers to bring you more exclusive coffees, weather that be limited runs or a great bean that we keep in inventory all the time. Our goal is to provide you with the best, start to finish.
So sit back and enjoy the journey with us.

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