March 19, 2018

Well we make it back from Coffeefest Baltimore without issue. We did seem to see a lot to buy and got pretty interested in some new products. One Item I did buy was a special blender to make in house almond butter along with many other butters. This was really cool and if we have it in time for the weekend we will be breaking it in for Sunday’s Toasty Brunch. You can see what is on the Toasty Brunch Menu on the website’s Front Page link. Other news is that we tried some new Flavors (not that we will get them but never know) Popcorn, Croissant, Rose and even tomato Flavors. LOL right just weird. We meet some new Green Bean Importers and we will have more talks with them. In other news we are working to get a larger cooler which we hope to carry more drinks like some Honest Teas, Coke Products and maybe some Salads (to be determined yet) If anyone thinks that salads in ready to go format would work please let us know. We also are going to have some new healthier Smoothies coming soon. These are in the works now so as soon as that happens we will post about it on Facebook. Have a nice day everyone!!!


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