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Hey Everyone! Happy fall!

There’s a lot of exciting things going on here at Profile Coffee and Roasters. We’re growing our wholesale business so if you know of any places, or you yourself would like to be a wholesale customer for your business send us an e-mail we would love to work with you on creating the perfect roast that reflects you and your goals!

With fall in full swing we have a new lunch menu that reflects the season, so don’t hesitate to come check these items out as they’ll be gone come December! We serve lunch starting at 10am everyday! (If you ask real nice we can do it before then too!)

Mark your calendars for Sept 30th! Our next Toasty Brunch will be going on from 9a-2pm! It features some fall treats so head check out the menu by clicking on the Toasty Brunch tab and we hope to see you!

We are currently working on some new beans. The Honduran Marzo Munoz microlot has replaced the Brazilian Sitia Varanda as the medium roast on the Fastlane batch brewer. We’ve reworked this coffee a few times to understand it and its potential and have landed on a roast we can be proud of. It is rounded and smooth with grapefruit and citrus notes and a caramel/toasted sugar finish. More information on this coffee will be available soon! We also have a new dark roast from Rwanda as well. This coffee is earthy with notes of raisins, tamarind, prune and citrus. It is an absolute joy to drink. More information on this coffee will be available soon!

Last but not least in coffee news we have paired up with Coffee Co-mission and have a Bourbon-Robusta hybrid from Cameroon on its way! This special coffee will be a little more than what you’re used to paying but will also be higher in quality than we’ve done in the past; consuming this coffee directly aides the famers that we purchased it from. Once it hits our roaster we’ll post more information about it and the origin, history and just about all the information you never knew you wanted about this great coffee so stay tuned!

As always you the customer are our backbone and we appreciate you and your support! If there’s something you would like to see on a menu please let us know! Send us an email, or message us with your thoughts, comments and opinions. We’re here to help you enjoy your day a little more. Thanks again and Cheers! -Bryan, Cari, Andy and the whole Profile team.

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