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Coffee is only as good as the bean itself !

July 30th 2018

Mark your calendars for August 26th !!! New Drinks and Toasts  

Thanks AMY!!!

Our shop has undergone many changes since first opening over two years ago. It is an inevitability within any business that sticks around. The impacts, whether large or small, always reverberate, making the people change with it. I personally have been with Profile for just over eight months and the

Espresso …. April 27, 2018

Lets talk coffee. The basis of coffee is this. Hot water thru ground coffee make life great! Espresso is the first of the coffees we love to drink and make here at Profile. Why you ask? One word … Taste. Lets start in the beginning with the creation of espresso.

April 25, 2018

We at Profile are hoping for a little sun today, so we’d like to get a head start by brightening YOUR day with news of a tasty new addition to our menu – New Yorker Bagels! These kettle boiled water bagels come to us directly from New York and feature


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