Paper versus plastic straws.

Did you know this? I always thought paper would be better than plastic but the truth hurts. Looking for alternatives is not easy.   Paper vs. Plastic Straws: Is Paper Really Better for the Environment? Many restaurants have banned plastic straws due to their harmful effects on the environment, and have switched to paper alternatives […]

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Thoughts for the day!

This year we seem to be in a bigger rush than past ones. Well lets all take a few moments to sit back, breath deep and think nice thoughts. For the first time we will be having a food drive at both our locations. These are going to be used to collect food, paper products […]

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Spend 50 on a gift card, get a chance to win $50.

For this Holiday what is better than a gift card? Well one for you, of course.  This year starting November 1 we are doing it a little different than most places. When you come into to buy a $50 dollar gift card you will be able to pick another gift card out of the box. […]

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Matcha, Still Popular Today

MATCHA HAS BEEN AROUND FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS—HERE’S WHY IT’S (STILL) SO POPULAR TODAY GOOD FOOD EMILY LAURENCE, OCTOBER 15, 2019 Avocados may be the unofficial food mascot of the wellness world, but matcha is without a doubt the beverage served on the side. I’m willing to bet that you sip—and Instagram—the vibrant green drink […]

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Seasonal coffees and new foods Coming October 21, 2019

Here is our new seasonal salad.  A beautiful Autumn Harvest Apple Salad. It has Pecans, Local Grown Apples from Rohrbach’s Farm Market, Cranberries, Bacon  and Feta over Spinach. The dressing is a Pumpkin Maple Vinaigrette which is made in house. Along with this new salad we are introducing a new panni too, Apple, Havarti and […]

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