Beer Making and Profile Coffee and Roasters!!

As fall season starts to roll out we are helping brew beer. Well just to be clear we roast the coffee that shows up in some of the beers you drink. I know little different but still we are proud to be asked for our coffee to be made into a beer.

Bonsai Brew Work (Hegins, Pa) as made a coffee porter with our Wood roasted espresso. This one is very dark, very sweet and very bold. We have this one on tap this week and it is good. They have added so extra lactose to it to add to the smoothness of it.

New Trail Brewing (Williamsport, Pa) has or is making at this moment a Pumpkin Porter with Coffee. We have not tried this yet but it sounds really good. We supplied them with our Guatemala Huixoc Coffee and a special roast profile for it. This coffee is roasted to have a nice Caramel, Chocolate and Slight Citrus Note.  I know, now you ask why can I not get this is the Café?  Well, as much as we liked it we wanted to get a darker roast on and I doing this we took out some of the flavors but in return we were able to get one the is so smooth and creamy. We fell in love with it and decide this is one for our drip brewers and everyone will enjoy. We were right!!

So stop at Profile and Get a cup of Huixoc (We shock) and tell us want you think about it. Or stop by Cherokee Tap Room and Grill for one of the Coffee beers made from our products.

Either way we believe you will enjoy them both.

Thanks Andy

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